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Obituary — Peter Munz

Peter Munz (1921-2006)   In 1924 Stalin is reputed to have said that of academicse had no fear but intellectuals were always a threat. Emeritus Professor Peter Munz was an intellectual, challenging received wisdom, brave in his judgements and a

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What minds make, Nelson Wattie

Beyond Wittgenstein’s Poker: New Light on Popper and Wittgenstein Peter Munz Ashgate Publishing Limited, $62.00, ISBN 0754640159 Working at the interface between literature and science, Gillian Beer recently asked in The Guardian: “How do you have new ideas? Language is

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Don’t get your Lyotard in a twist, Peter Munz

University Futures and the Politics of Reform in New Zealand Michael Peters and Peter Roberts Dunmore Press, $34.95, ISBN 0 86469 350 8 During the last fifteen years, our universities have been transformed from moderately well-functioning collegiate institutions educating students

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Open and closed research Peter Munz

Decolonizing Methodologies. Research and Indigenous Peoples Linda Tuhiwai Smith University of Otago Press, $39.95, ISBN 1 877133 67 1 This book is likely to obfuscate politico-social debates in New Zealand because it maintains that acquiring knowledge about indigenous peoples, as

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Peter Munz

The idea of the university in a free market society The Government’s proposed review of tertiary education countenances and encourages a highly reprehensible process: the amalgamation of universities and polytechnics. Such an amalgamation will inevitably wipe out the academic education

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The shapes of time, Shelagh Duckham Cox

The Certainty of Doubt. Tributes to Peter Munz Miles Fairburn and W H Oliver (eds) Victoria University Press, Wellington, $39.95 ISBN 086473302X Immigration is a strange enterprise. In 1966, just off the Northern Star, heading for the exit of the

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Fairburn and the Antiquarians, Peter Munz

The New Zealand Journal of History Vol. 25, No2, 1991, Auckland, The University of Auckland Even today’s old countries were once new, but the new countries of the 19th century had a newness of their own. Where much has been done in

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