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Standing to reason, Denis Welch

To Build a Nation: Collected Writings 1975-1999 Bruce Jesson (ed Andrew Sharp) Penguin, $35.00, ISBN 0143020528 New Rights New Zealand: Myths, Moralities and Markets  Dolores Janiewski and Paul Morris Auckland University Press, $34.99, ISBN 1869403452 I first saw Bruce Jesson

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International writers come to town, Jane Stafford

New Zealand Post Writers and Readers Week 2006 I first read Helen Garner in the 1980s. Her novel Monkey Grip, a spare, sad tale of Melbourne junkies had an effect on me I can’t quite explain – perhaps it was

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Home away from home Linda Olsson

My Home Now ed Gail Thomas and Leanne McKenzie Cape Catley, $24.99, ISBN 1877340049 This anthology tells the stories of 47 first-generation immigrants to New Zealand. According to the back cover, “New Zealand is shown in a new and heart-warming

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Plaits and mandibles, Margaret Mahy

Mona Minim and the Smell of the Sun Janet Frame, illustrations by David Elliot Random, $29.95, ISBN 1869417240 Mona Minim and the Smell of the Sun, by novelist Janet Frame, was first published in 1969. In those days not many

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Deep footprints, Jack Perkins

In the Air Henare te Ua Reed, $34.99, ISBN 0790010119 Henare te Ua, grandson of Sir Apirana Ngata, cousin of Witi Ihimaera, takes us on a journey spanning the period from the 1930s to the end of the century; through

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Letters — Issue 72

Cooking the books Tim Hazledine (NZB, December 2005) believes “cookbooks, textbooks, sporting books and so on” should be excluded from government funding of literature, on the basis that these genres are “unworthy of further public encouragement”. Wine books in recent years – competing against histories and biographies – have

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Golden boy of tennis, Joseph Romanos

Anthony Wilding: A Sporting Life Len and Shelley Richardson Canterbury University Press, $49.95, ISBN 187725701X New Zealand seems to produce a sports champion of world significance every year or two these days: Rob Waddell, Sarah Ulmer, Michael Campbell, Hamish Carter,

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Salt and vinegar, Penelope Todd

Humming  Rachel McAlpine Hazard Press, $29.99, ISBN 1877270970   The Black Madonna  Tina Shaw Penguin, $28.00, ISBN 0143019880 Two books by New Zealand women: one is a full-immersion Kiwi experience, the other set in Germany and America, and bears no

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Despatches from the rugby jungle, Paul Thomas

Inside Anton Oliver with Brian Turner Hodder Moa, $49.99, ISBN 1869589912 The Winter Game: Rediscovering the Passion of Rugby Todd R Nicholls Mainstream Publishing, $49.95, ISBN 1840189150 The New Zealand book trade has long had a vested interest in demythologising

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Poem — Stephanie de Montalk

Consultation   You say the mind will leave its shallow convolutions and fissures and enter the skin, bone and irascible fluid of the tympanic organ of balance to produce vertiginous dreams and scenes of high drama on stairways and small

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