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Theory vs practice, Colin Knox

The Intangibles of Managing A J (Tone) Borren Dunmore Press, $29.95 ISBN 0864692390 The New Zealand Small Business Guide Richard Higham and Sara Williams Penguin, $29.95 (revised edition) ISBN 0140132201 Marketing In New Zealand Alyse Boaz Longman Paul, $29.95 ISBN

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Chinese takeaways, Anne French

Maidenhome Ding Xiaoqi Otago University Press, $24.95 The Chinese Interpreter James Norcliffe Hazard Press, $24.95 Burning Boats: seventeen New Zealand short stories Owen Marshall (ed) Longman Paul, $19.95 We’ve all become experts on China in the past year or two,

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The basics of communication, Martin Taylor

Communicating Caring: A guide for health workers and caregivers Richard Bolstad with Margot Hamblett, Te Hata Ohlson, and Jan Hardie, Longman Paul, $32.95 In this book, Richard Bolstad provides a thorough introduction to the basics of communication, caring for others and

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A multi‑media resource, Patrick King

Te Māhuri John C Moorfield, Longman Paul, $49.95 The first textbook of the Māori language published in New Zealand was Thomas Kendall’s A Korao no New Zealand; or the New Zealander’s First Book; being an attempt to compose some lessons for

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Yes, but who let it become so? Colin James

New Zealand’s Constitution in Crisis: Reforming Our Political System Geoffrey Palmer, John McIndoe, $34.95 Electoral Behaviour In New Zealand Martin Holland (ed), Oxford University Press, $29.95 New Zealand Politics in Perspective (3rd Edition) Hyam Gold (ed), Longman Paul, $49.95 Sir

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Effective writing, Gavin McLean

Check it Out: a Guide to Effective Writing Margaret McLaren, Longman Paul, Auckland, 1991, $12.95 In many ways, this slim paperback is a more useful book than the latest truncated New Zealand Style Book, since its advice on matters such

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An elegant and serious survey, Jonathan Else

Pleasures and Dangers: Artists of the 90s Trish Clark and Wystan Curnow (eds), Longman Paul, $34.95 This volume is a refreshing challenge to several assumptions that have become the dead wood of art theory and scholarship in New Zealand, and,

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Politics and Society, Gavin McLean

The 1990 Election: Perspectives on Political Change in New Zealand E M McLeay (ed), Department of Politics, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, 1991 The 1990 election was the dullest in recent decades, with a battered, cynical electorate sensing the inevitability

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Maritime and general short reviews, Gavin McLean

Waitemata Ferry Tales Sally Fodie, Collins, Auckland, 1991, $19.95 Sally Fodie was the first woman master of an Auckland harbour ferry. Waitemata Ferry Tales, her short collection of nautical anecdotes, shows that it was not easy to elbow her way into this

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