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Fizz with zip, Wystan Curnow

Zizz! The Life and Art of Len Lye In his own words with Roger Horrocks Awa Press, $30.00, ISBN 9781927249215 Back in 1965, aged 26, I walked into the Howard Wise Gallery in New York and saw the best kinetic

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Culture wars, ancient and modern, Hugh Roberts

The Critic’s Part: Wystan Curnow Art Writings 1971-2013
Wystan Curnow
Adam Art Gallery/Victoria University Press, $80.00,
ISBN 9780864739322

Then It Was Now Again: Selected Critical Writing
Murray Edmond
Atuanui Press, $44.00,
ISBN 9780992245368

The editors of The Critic’s Part tell us that Curnow’s prolific but scattered art-critical writings (reviews, catalogue copy, journalism, essays etc) together reveal the “arc, progression, and continuity of Curnow’s thinking” and deliver a “general, ‘big-picture’ account of New Zealand art”. If there is some truth to the first of these claims, the second cannot be said to bear much examination. Nonetheless, anyone interested in the history of New Zealand art in the late 20th century will be grateful to Christina Barton and Robert Leonard for making these pieces available.

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Removing the cycle clips, John Horrocks

Like Love Poems: Selected Poems Joanna Margaret Paul (ed Bernadette Hall) Victoria University Press, $29.95, ISBN 0864735278 Modern Colours Wystan Curnow Jack Books, $24.95, ISBN 0473102544 One Shapely Thing: Poems and Journals Dinah Hawken Victoria University Press, $29.95, ISBN 08646735286

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An elegant and serious survey, Jonathan Else

Pleasures and Dangers: Artists of the 90s Trish Clark and Wystan Curnow (eds), Longman Paul, $34.95 This volume is a refreshing challenge to several assumptions that have become the dead wood of art theory and scholarship in New Zealand, and,

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