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Believable magic and poignant realism, Celia Dunlop

See Ya, Simon David Hill, Mallinson Rendel, 1992, $19.95 Under the Rotunda James Norcliffe, Hazard Press, 1992, $14.95 David Hill’s exceptional first novel for younger teenagers shows all the assurance one would expect from this former high school teacher and

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Autobiography through journalism, Rachel Lawson

Hidden Places: a memoir in journalism Michael King, Hodder and Stoughton, 1992, $27.95   Rachel Lawson reviews Michael King’s new book and discusses his work with him. Michael King has established his reputation through exploring what it means to be a

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Poem — Brian Turner

A Good Keen Man   What is it that a donkey sees in a man?’ – Paul Durcan I am grubbing the bank, clearing snarls of grass, buttercup, dock and a few thistles that feign death, Roots like pasta twine

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Lively and perceptive, Elizabeth Marsden

The Selected Letters of Mary Hobhouse Shirley Tunnicliff (ed), Daphne Brasell Associates Press, Wellington, 1992, $24.95 Mary Hobhouse came to New Zealand, arriving in March 1859, as the wife of the first Anglican Bishop of the province of Nelson. She

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Editorial – Issue 6

John Mansfield Thomson, who resigned from the Peppercorn Press in June, was the founding editor of New Zealand Books. The journal began as an idea of his; in making its first impact, and throughout the first 18 months of publication,

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Persevere, dear reader, Leonard Lambert

Best Beakerful Dean Farran Productions, Christchurch, 1991, $12 Missing Parts: poems 1977-1990 Alan Loney, Hazard Press, Christchurch, 1991, $19.95 Metaphysics for Fun Ross Fraser, Dragonfly Press, Auckland, 1991, $15 Waiheke Art and Poetry  Pamela Reid (ed), P O Box 202,

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Robust, brilliant, rather difficult, Heather Roberts

Disputed Ground, Robin Hyde, Journalist Gillian Boddy and Jacqueline Matthews (eds), Victoria University Press, $34.95 A book of selected journalism seems an unlikely place to make a serious assessment of a writer. Journalism is regarded as ephemeral, lost in musty

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Issue 6 | September 1992

  Volume 2 | Number 2 | Issue 6 | September 1992 Editorial Lauris Edmond Letters Phil Mann: “The Poverty Trap: A warning fable” (comment) Janet Wilson: “Very Much a ‘Wellington’ piece?” (response, comment) Iain Sharp: “Letter from Auckland” (comment) Lawrence

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Spareness and generosity, Bill Sewell

Milky Way Bar Bill Manhire, Victoria University Press, 1991, $16.95 Short Back and Sideways: Poems and Prose Hone Tuwhare, Godwit, 1992, $19.95 It would be hard to imagine two poets as different as Bill Manhire and Hone Tuwhare. Both are firmly

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