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Braided narratives, Stephen Harris

Different Kinds of Pleasure Elizabeth Smither Penguin, $28.00, ISBN 014302065X My Name Was Judas C K Stead Harvill Secker, $28.00, ISBN 9781846550126 Elizabeth Smither is adept at sounding the depths of the seemingly incidental moment or quotidian encounter. Laura Bening,

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Ways of being in the world, Eirlys Hunter

When Mum Went Funny Jack Lasenby Longacre Press, $16.99, ISBN 1877361534 The Whizbanger That Emmental Built Reuben Schwarz Puffin, $17.95, ISBN 0143318381 Chute Thru Janice Marriott Mallinson Rendel, $17.00, ISBN 0958262632 Thor’s Tale: Endurance & Adventure in the Southern Ocean 

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Poem – Maggie Rainey-Smith

Menopause   (Inspired by an essay by Ursula K Le Guin,  “The Space Crone”, 1976). Ursula urges me to become a Crone to not bemoan my declining hormones to wear grey hair catch a space ship somewhere out there so

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Boyznbooks, Rose Lovell-Smith

And Did Those Feet Ted Dawe Longacre Press, $18.99, ISBN 9781877361494 Single Fin Aaron Topp Random House, $18.99, ISBN 1869417844 Castaway: The Diary of Samuel Abraham Clark, Disappointment Island, 1907 Bill O’Brien Scholastic, $16.99, ISBN 1869437500 Boyznbikes Vince Ford Scholastic,

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The hum of their parts, Anna Jackson

Paperchase  G Brassi Scholastic, $17.00, ISBN 1869437098 Thieves Ella West Longacre Press, $18.99, ISBN 1877361488 Genesis Bernard Beckett Longacre Press, $18.99, ISBN 9781877361524 These three novels are all presented as thrillers. It is interesting to see thrillers being written especially

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Beautiful and organic, Christine Johnston

Dunedin writer Christine Johnston rediscovers the still-growing pleasures of Tom’s Midnight Garden. I would have borrowed a copy of Tom’s Midnight Garden from Dunedin Children’s Library, which in those days was located in two of the terraced houses in Stuart

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Keyhole history, Barry Gustafson

After Me Came the Berlin Wall: Lies, Spies and Journalism Mervyn Cull David Ling, $29.99, ISBN 9781877378096 Final Approaches: A Memoir Gerald Hensley Auckland University Press, $50.00, ISBN 1869403789 Memoirs are not autobiographies intended to be comprehensive accounts of the

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Dwelling poetically, Dougal McNeill

Brainpark Anna Sanderson Victoria University Press, $29.95, ISBN 086473543X After the Dance Michele Amas Victoria University Press, $24.95, ISBN 0864735421 Secret Heart Airini Beautrais Victoria University Press, $24.95, ISBN 0864735413 The Unbelievable Lightness of Eggs: Light Poems and Verse  Bernard

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Back to the Spanish front, Keith Ovenden

Defence of Madrid Geoffrey Cox Otago University Press, $39.95, ISBN 1877372382 The republication of Geoffrey Cox’s short work Defence of Madrid (1937) is a corrective to many contemporary assumptions about the Spanish Civil War. It is an eyewitness account of

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Songs from the liberal hymn book, Mike Grimshaw

Wrestling with God: The Story of My Life Lloyd Geering Bridget Williams Books, $34.99, ISBN 1877242365 A Religious Atheist?: Critical Essays on the Work of Lloyd Geering Raymond Pelly and Peter Stuart (eds) Otago University Press, $39.95, ISBN 1877372374 The

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