Issue 78 | Winter 2007


Issue 78  Winter 2007Volume 17 | Number 2 | Issue 78 | Winter 2007


Guy Somerset: Lydia Monin, From the Writer’s Notebook: Around New Zealand with 80 Authors

John Campbell: Harry Ricketts, How to Catch a Cricket Match

Deborah Montgomerie: David Hastings, Over the Mountains of the Sea: Life on Migrant Ships, 1870-1885

Linda Burgess: Judith Bell, I See Red: The Shocking Story of a Battle against the Warehouse

Hilary Stace: W J McEldowney, Geoffrey Alley, Librarian: His Life and Work

Keith Ovenden: Geoffrey Cox, Defence of Madrid

Barry Gustafson: Mervyn Cull, After Me Came the Berlin Wall: Lies, Spies and Journalism; Gerald Hensley, Final Approaches: A Memoir

Anna Jackson: G Brassi, Paperchase; Ella West, Thieves; Bernard Beckett, Genesis

Rose Lovell-Smith: Ted Dawe, And Did Those Feet; Aaron Topp, Single Fin; Bill O’Brien, Castaway: The Diary of Samuel Abraham Clark, Disappointment Island, 1907; Vince Ford, Boyznbikes 

Maggie Rainey-Smith: “Menopause” (Poem)

Eirlys Hunter: Jack Lasenby, When Mum Went Funny; Reuben Schwarz, The Whizbanger That Emmental Built; Janice Marriott, Chute Thru and Thor’s Tale: Endurance & Adventure in the Southern Ocean; Barbara Else (ed), Hideous and Hilarious: 30 New Zealand Historical Stories

Stephen Harris: Elizabeth Smither, Different Kinds of Pleasure; C K Stead, My Name Was Judas

Tina Shaw: Stephanie de Montalk, The Fountain of Tears; James George, Ocean Roads; Isabel Waiti-Mulholland, At the Heart of Hiruharama

Catharina van Bohemen: Graeme Lay, Alice and Luigi; Jenny Pattrick, In Touch with Grace

George Griffiths: A P Gaskell (Tribute)

Sue McCauley: Nigel Cox, The Cowboy Dog; Damien Wilkins, The Fainter

Spiro Zavos: Matt Te Pou and Matt McIlraith, Against the Odds: Matt Te Pou and Maori Rugby

Roger Blackley: Christopher Johnstone, Landscape Paintings of New Zealand: A Journey from North to South

Martin Edmond: Bryan James, E Mervyn Taylor: Artist, Craftsman; Chris Ronayne, Trevor Moffitt: A Biography; Jill Trevelyan and Sarah Treadwell, Joanna Margaret Paul: Drawing; Hinemoa Hilliard, Edward Lucie-Smith, Jonathon Mane-Wheoki (essays), The Art of Robyn Kahukiwa

Bernard Carpinter: “The evil that men do” (Byline)

Mike Grimshaw: Lloyd Geering, Wrestling with God: The Story of My Life; Raymond Pelly and Peter Stuart (eds), A Religious Atheist?: Critical Essays on the Work of Lloyd Geering

Dougal McNeill: Anna Sanderson, Brainpark; Michele Amas, After the Dance; Airini Beautrais, Secret Heart; Bernard Gadd (ed), The Unbelievable Lightness of Eggs: Light Poems and Verse; Andrew Fagan, Overnight Downpour


Christine Johnston: “Beautiful and organic” (Imprints)


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