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Girls galloping horses: unstable identities, Amy Brown

Ella West
Allen and Unwin, $19.00, ISBN 9781760296834

Showtym Adventures: Casper, the Spirited Arabian
Kelly Wilson
Puffin, $15.00, ISBN 9780143772248

Do You Want to Gallop with Me?
Sophie Siers (Judith Trevelyan illus)
Millwood Press, $20.00, ISBN 9780473408541

The Gift Horse
Sophie Siers (Katharine White illus)
Millwood Press, $20.00, ISBN 9780473408558

Since I learned to read, I’ve read about horses and riders. Did I love horses because of the books I read, or did I read the books because their covers were stable doors? What does it mean to read about a female child desiring and caring for a horse? Answering these questions has felt like psychoanalysis; a girl galloping a horse should be a Jungian archetype – and I have been that girl.

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Girls under fire, Tatjana Schaefer

Copper Top Coral Atkinson Dancing Tuatara, $20.00, ISBN 9781877192388 Real Life Ella West Longacre Press, $19.99, ISBN 9781877460395 Brother Sister Soldier Cousin Phyllis Johnston Longacre Press, $17.99, ISBN 9781877460319 Three novels about teenage girls disconnected from their families and trying

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The hum of their parts, Anna Jackson

Paperchase  G Brassi Scholastic, $17.00, ISBN 1869437098 Thieves Ella West Longacre Press, $18.99, ISBN 1877361488 Genesis Bernard Beckett Longacre Press, $18.99, ISBN 9781877361524 These three novels are all presented as thrillers. It is interesting to see thrillers being written especially

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