Poem – Maggie Rainey-Smith


(Inspired by an essay by Ursula K Le Guin, 
“The Space Crone”, 1976).

Ursula urges me to
become a Crone
to not bemoan
my declining hormones

to wear grey hair
catch a space ship
somewhere out there
so I can share

my wit, my wisdom
my years of fertility
raising children
(ensuring my humility)

so the fourth planet Altair
can learn about the human race
from a woman (once a virgin)
and now a Crone (on loan)

But I’m all for my inner space
and I won’t go grey
well, not yet, not today
there’s plenty of time

because I still want to play
to flaunt in the twilight
my age now my highlight
on the cusp of something

almost a Crone – not quite
ready for Ursula’s throne
but not afraid either
thumb out – hitching a ride

not looking back, nor
particularly forward
pausing as they say – oh,
but not for men

for me!


Maggie Rainey-Smith

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