Issue 72 | March 2006


Issue 72 Summer 2005Volume 16 | Number 1 | Issue 72 | March 2006

Margaret Mahy: Janet Frame (illustrations David Elliot), Mona Minim and the Smell of the Sun

Stevan Eldred-Grigg: Bronwyn Dalley and Gavin McLean (eds), Frontier of Dreams: The Story of New Zealand


Jane Stafford: New Zealand Post Writers and Readers Week 2006

Jenny Robin Jones: Jenny Pattrick, Catching the Current; Deborah Challinor, Union Belle; Coral Atkinson, The Love Apple,

Penelope Todd: Rachel McAlpine, Humming; Tina Shaw, The Black Madonna

Stephanie de Montalk: “Consultation” (poem)

Bernard Carpinter: Tim Hanna, One Good Run: The Legend of Burt Munro

David Hill: Kevin Ireland, How to Catch a Fish; John Saker, How to Drink a Glass of Wine

Bernadette Hall: Emily Dobson, A Box of Bees; Stu Bagby, As It Was in the Beginning; John Horrocks, Raw Places

Janet Wilson: Diana Bridge, Red Leaves; Cilla McQueen, Fire-penny; Meg Campbell, Resistance

Margie Thomson: Norman Bilbrough, A Short History of Paradise; Renée, Kissing Shadows

Stuart Murray: Ian Wedde, Making Ends Meet: Essays and Talks 1992-2004

Roger Robinson: Maurice Gee, Blindsight

Peter Munz: “Culture or no culture” (Byline)

Julia Millen: Helen B Laurenson, Going Up, Going Down: The Rise and Fall of the Department Store

Jenny Nicholls: Richard Wolfe, Fronting Up: Classic New Zealand Magazine Covers

John McCrystal: Linda Olsson, Let Me Sing You Gentle Songs; Barbara Strathdee, Café Wars; Maggie Rainey-Smith, About Turns

Paul Thomas: Anton Oliver with Brian Turner, Inside; Todd R Nicholls, The Winter Game: Rediscovering the Passion of Rugby

Joseph Romanos: Len and Shelley Richardson, Anthony Wilding: A Sporting Life

Jack Perkins: Henare te Ua, In the Air

Linda Olsson: Gail Thomas and Leanne McKenzie (eds), My Home Now

Denis Welch: Bruce Jesson (Andrew Sharp ed), To Build a Nation: Collected Writings 1975-1999; Dolores Janiewski and Paul Morris, New Rights New Zealand: Myths, Moralities and Markets

Louise O’Brien: Paula Morris, Hibiscus Coast; Tim Corballis, The Fossil Pits

Abby Letteri: Margo Schwass (ed), Last Words: Approaches to Death in New Zealand’s Cultures and Faiths

Chris Else: “The quality question” (Comment)

John O’Connor: “Rex” (poem)


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