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The ongoing stream of history, Ranginui Walker

The People of Many Peaks, 1769-1869 Claudia Orange (ed), Bridget Williams Books and Department of Internal Affairs, Wellington, 1991, $35.00 This book contains the biographies of 161 notable Maori leaders between 1769 and 1869 who appear in the first volume

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New freedoms and old heritages, Shelagh Duckham Cox

Finding Connections P J Kavanagh, Hutchinson (distrib Random Century, Auckland), 1990, $42.95 Over half a century ago Karl Mannheim wrote in Ideology and Utopia of the western intelligentsia as a uniquely privileged caste. Intellectuals, he said, were fortunate enough to

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Pinning down New Zealand architecture, Christoper Vine

Looking at the Architecture of New Zealand Terence Hodgson Grantham House, Wellington, 1990, $39.95 Though architecture is the most public of the arts and lays claim to being the mistress of them all to boot, it is ill served by

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From melodrama to professionalism, Sunny Amey

The Land of the Moa George Leitch, edited by Adrian Kiernander, Victoria University Press, Wellington, 1990, $19.95 Tomasi: For Islands Far Away Harrison Bray Playmarket, Wellington, 1990, $16.95 Power Play Rachel McAlpine, Playmarket, Wellington, 1990, $12.95 Billy Vincent O’Sullivan, Victoria University

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In praise of difficult women, Annabel Cooper

Who is Sylvia? The Diary of a Biography Lynley Hood John McIndoe, Dunedin, 1990, $29.95 Sylvia! The Biography of Sylvia Ashton-Warner Lynley Hood Viking, Auckland 1988, $39.95, Paper $24.95 Who is Sylvia? is a day-by-day account of Lynley Hood’s work, her

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The Oceanic heritage, Wendy Pond

Songs and Stories of Tokelau. An introduction to the cultural heritage Allan Thomas, Ineleo Tuia and Judith Huntsman (eds), Victoria University Press, Wellington, 1990, $14.95 (Cassette available from the School of Music. Box 600, Wellington, $8.00) Waiata Maori Songs in history

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Autobiography of grace and clarity, Andrew Mason

Bonfires in the Rain Lauris Edmond Bridget Williams Books, Wellington, 1991, $27.95 In outline, the story Lauris Edmond has to tell in this, her second volume of autobiography, would be typical of many New Zealand women who married about the

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High standards and fine judgement, Marian Minson

Opera in New Zealand: Aspects of History and Performance,  Adrienne Simpson (ed), Witham Press (PO Box 28-074), Wellington, 1990, $24.95 Since her recent return to New Zealand, Wellington musical historian Adrienne Simpson has made a strong impact with regular talks

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Forging a political language, Tony Simpson

In his 1946 essay ‘Politics and the English Language’ George Orwell remarks that ‘one ought to recognise that the present political chaos is connected with the decay of language and that one can probably bring about some improvement by starting

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The sparks which ignite music from Boethius to Bob Dylan, Lyell Cresswell

The Concept of Music Robin Maconie Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1990, £22.50, $91.95 The broad scope of Robin Maconie’s conjectural inquiry into music is succinctly expressed in his first chapter: ‘Music is an information process working simultaneously on many different levels,

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