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No proof of innocence, W K Hastings

Trial by Ambush: The Prosecutions of David Bain  Joe Karam HarperCollins, $45.00, ISBN 9781869508340 I am reasonably new to the criminal justice system, having been appointed a judge in 2010, and seem to be one of the few people in

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Disputed territory, W K Hastings

Sexuality Down Under: Social and Historical Perspectives Allison Kirkman and Pat Moloney (eds) Otago University Press, $39.95, ISBN 1877372102    Books of essays presenting breadth without sacrificing depth are rare, and their editors must be prepared for bracing confrontations with

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Men (mostly) behaving well, W K Hastings

Gay Men, Sex and HIV Heather Worth Dunmore Press, $39.95, ISBN 864694342 As chief censor, I recently classified The Gift, a documentary directed by Louise Hogarth about gay men’s relationships with a virus. It interviews men who “bareback”, who choose

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Relatively free speech, W K Hastings

Lynley Hood, in New Zealand Books June 2003, writes of a debate in which she just wanted to tell the truth “as I saw it”. So should everybody. What caught my attention about Ms Hood’s assertion was what might be

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Something nobody counted on, Bill Hastings

Unquiet World: The Life of Count Geoffrey Potocki de Montalk Stephanie de Montalk Victoria University Press, $39.95, ISBN 086473414X I completely misunderstood this book. I did what I usually do to begin reviewing a book. I checked for a subtitle,

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