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Call me Hairy Past back-page contest entrants showcase their talent.     Wince-making dedication To my late wife without whose unfailing stimulus and example this novel of infidelity and retribution could never have been written. Christine Johnston     Haiku

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Poem – Miro Bilbrough

Door-snake    Door-snake got rolled. Dumped on the fringes of a shabby precinct, night. Door-snake was outsize, dirty puce. I mean, fat. Man-size. Spent the evening carousing in a low-life joint. Fleshy, hairless and invertebrate too. No wonder door-snake got

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On the whale’s back, Miro Bilbrough

Miro Bilbrough on Whale Rider the movie   I was unusually wary, seeing Whale Rider for the first time.   was in the editing stages of a short feature film, a peculiarly sensitive time to see someone else’s film. Sequestered

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