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At the whim of larger, terrifying forces, Angelina Sbroma

The Deadly Sky
David Hill
Puffin, $20.00, ISBN 9780143308157

The Red Suitcase
Jill Harris
Mākaro Press, $25.00, ISBN 9780994106902

Rachael Craw
Walker, $22.00, ISBN 9781922179623

David Hill’s The Deadly Sky is set in 1974, when the nuclear proliferation of the Cold War was at the forefront of political debate, and France was, quite literally, dropping bombs in the South Pacific. Modern global terror has a different focus (the Big Red Button seems old-fashioned from today’s perspective), but the ethical quandaries at the heart of the arms race – whether militarisation works to promote security or to endanger it; whether national and global security is worth its economic, ecological and individual cost – remain pertinent.

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Poem – Jill Harris

Weather map To the staff at Longacre Press Karen takes us from top to bottom and back again. White spaghetti slides around the screen, blue and pink lines with little peaks and bumps disport themselves. Cloud over Wellington the sun

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All aboard for Planet Teenage, Brigid Lowry

Deep Fried Bernard Beckett and Clare Knighton Longacre Press, $18.95, ISBN 1887361119    Box Penelope Todd Longacre Press, $16.95, ISBN 1877361127    Sil Jill Harris Longacre Press, $18.95, ISBN 1877361143 Elizabeth Knox recently entered the realms of young adult fiction with her

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