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Hereafter, Nicholas Reid

The Best New Zealand Fiction Volume 1 ed Fiona Kidman Vintage, $29.95, ISBN 1869416643 The Keys to Hell Jo Randerson, illustrations by Taika Waititi Victoria University Press, $24.95, ISBN 0864734794 First, a simple bibliographical description. Best New  Zealand Fiction Volume

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Unpick this, Renée

Thrift to Fantasy: Home Textile Crafts of the 1930s-1950s Rosemary McLeod HarperCollins, $59.95, ISBN 1869505093 Rosemary McLeod is an intelligent, witty and acerbic columnist who does us the favour of saying the things we’d like to say out loud, if

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At home with style, Rosemary McLeod

At Home: A Century of New Zealand Design  Douglas Lloyd Jenkins Godwit, $69.95, ISBN 1869621107 How we live surely says as much about us as what we do. To students of style the choice of drapes and the shape of

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Cantankerous, laconic and weird, Margot Schwass

Getting Away With It Kevin Ireland Hazard Press, $29.99, ISBN 1877270792 Butler’s Ringlet Laurence Fearnley Penguin, $28.00, ISBN 0143019198 A Man Who Eats The Heart Josh Greenberg Victoria University Press, $29.95, ISBN 0864734824 Together, these three novels suggest that the

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Loving nature to death, Kirstie Ross

The Wonder Country: Making New Zealand Tourism Margaret McClure Auckland University Press, $44.99, ISBN 1869403193 Our Islands, Our Selves: A History of Conservation in New Zealand David Young University of Otago Press, $59.95, ISBN 1877276944 Tourism and conservation are the

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Roar of the greasepaint, Frances Edmond

Downstage Upfront John Smythe Victoria University Press, $49.95, ISBN 0864734891 In Downstage’s first year, 1964, I saw the Beatles in the Wellington Town Hall and screamed and cried along with thousands of other teenagers – girls mostly. The next year

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Walks on the wild side, Lynn Freeman

Grooves of Glory Alan Brunton Bumper Books, $30, ISBN 095822255X Cherish Ken Duncum Victoria University Press, $24.95, ISBN 084673493X “This whole trip is like reading a cartoon strip, pictures you can’t understand without a caption.” Alan Brunton’s poetry is a

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Telling it like it was, Joan Rosier-Jones

Joan Rosier-Jones examines the craze for family history In 1996 Bob Ross at Tandem Press asked me to write a book based on the courses I had been running for Continuing Education at the University of Auckland. Writing Your Family

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Hooked on wonder and mystery, Damian Skinner

Shane Cotton ed Lara Strongman City Gallery Wellington and Victoria University Press, $59.95, ISBN 0864734697 Jeffrey Harris Justin Paton Victoria University Press and Dunedin Public Art Gallery, $69.95, ISBN 0864734867 Engravings on Wood by Leo Bensemann  ed Peter Simpson Holloway

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