Issue 69 | August 2005


Issue 69 Autumn 2005Volume 15 | Number 13| Issue 69 | August 2005

Sue McCauley: Owen Marshall, Watch of Gryphons and Other Stories; Owen Marshall, Occasional: 50 Poems

Harry Ricketts and Jane Westaway: “Miffed, maltreated and murderous” (editorial)

Philip Temple: J M R Owens, The Mediator: A Life of Richard Taylor 1805-1873

Charlotte Yates: Nick Bollinger, How to Listen to Pop Music

Nelson Wattie: Tony Deverson and Graeme Kennedy (eds), The New Zealand Oxford Dictionary

Damian Skinner: Lara Strongman (ed), Shane Cotton; Justin Paton, Jeffrey Harris; Peter Simpson (ed), Engravings on Wood by Leo Bensemann; Gregory O’Brien, Welcome to the South Seas: Contemporary New Zealand Art for Young People

Lynn Freeman: Alan Brunton, Grooves of Glory; Ken Duncum, Cherish

Frances Edmond: John Smythe, Downstage Upfront

Kirstie Ross: Margaret McClure, The Wonder Country: Making New Zealand Tourism; David Young, Our Islands, Our Selves: A History of Conservation in New Zealand

Margot Schwass: Kevin Ireland, Getting Away With It; Laurence Fearnley, Butler’s Ringlet; Josh Greenberg, A Man Who Eats The Heart

Rosemary McLeod: Douglas Lloyd Jenkins, At Home: A Century of New Zealand Design

Renée: Rosemary McLeod, Thrift to Fantasy: Home Textile Crafts of the 1930s-1950s

Vivienne Plumb: “Writers together” (byline)

Nicholas Reid: Fiona Kidman (ed), The Best New Zealand Fiction Volume 1; Jo Randerson, illustrations Taika Waititi, The Keys to Hell

Jane Westaway: Deborah Shepard (ed), Between the Lives: Partners in Art

Chris Laidlaw: Greg Ryan (ed), Tackling Rugby Myths: Rugby and New Zealand Society 1854-2004

Harry Ricketts: Basil Dowling, Selected Poems

John Horrocks: C K Stead, The Red Tram; Bernadette Hall, The Merino Princess; Diane Brown, Learning to Lie Together

Rae McGregor: Mark Williams (ed), Writing at the Edge of the Universe

Norman Bilbrough: Claire Finlayson, This Thing in the Mirror: Self Portraits by New Zealand Artists

Stevan Eldred-Grigg: Richard Wolfe, Hellhole of the Pacific

Joan Rosier-Jones: “Telling it like it was” (comment)


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