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Ruck on, Chris Knox

The Swinging Sixties: When New Zealand Changed Forever Graham Hutchins HarperCollins, $49.99, ISBN 9781869506537 Missed opportunities – don’t you just hate them? I was a little apprehensive about The Swinging Sixties, given that Graham Hutchins was primarily known for his

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We were just 17, if you know what I mean, Rosemary McLeod

Eight Days a Week: The Beatles’ Tour of New Zealand 1964  Graham Hutchins Exisle Publishing, $34.95, ISBN 0908988559 Big Smoke: New Zealand City People in the ’60s and ’70s  John Daley Random House, $39.95, ISBN 1869621085 Says Graham Hutchins, “Beatlemania

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Gavin McLean: Diverse and shorter reviews

The Great New Zealand Fossil Book: Pictures of Ancient Life in an Evolving Land Ron Brazier, Ian Keyes and Graeme Stevens, DSIR Geology and Geophysics, Wellington, 1990, $49.95 On Shaky Ground: a Geological Guide to the Wellington Metropolitan Region Graeme

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