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Heroes and zeroes, Lynn Freeman

Looking For Trouble Glenda Hughes HarperCollins, $31.95, ISBN 1869504453 New Zealand Woman’s Weekly: 70 Years from Pavlovas to PMs Jenny Lynch Random House, $39.95, ISBN 869415442 Inside Talk Radio Bill Francis Darius, $24.95, ISBN 958240914 Talkback radio, women’s magazines and

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“Who’s this Pinetree?” Chris Laidlaw

The Judas Game: The Betrayal of New Zealand rugby Joseph Romanos Darius Press, $29.95, ISBN 0958240906 Meads Brian Turner Hodder Moa Beckett $49.95, ISBN 1869589173 A little anecdote buried in Joseph Romanos’ latest book The Judas Game: The Betrayal of

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Moments of invention, Bill Sewell

The Stepmother Tree James McNaughton Darius Press, $14.95, ISBN 0473078244 I don’t think there is such a thing as a “stepmother tree”.  My Shorter Oxford hasn’t heard of it anyway. But if a stepmother tree has never existed, then perhaps

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Like great sex only better, Robert Burgess

Gladiator: The Norm Hewitt Story Michael Laws Darius Press, $29.95, ISBN 0473078252 Loyal: The Todd Blackadder Story  Phil Gifford Hodder Moa Beckett, $44.95, ISBN 1869588924 Head tilted back, eye-balling you. Norm on the front cover, bold and proud. And so

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