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Reflecting on the now, Melissa Laing

Towards a History of the Contemporary: Gordon H Brown Lecture 16
Christina Barton
Art History, School of Art History, Classics and Religious Studies, Victoria University of Wellington, $15.00,
ISBN 9771176588005

For the last 16 years, the art history department of Victoria University of Wellington has presented the annual Gordon H Brown Lecture. In the tradition of the discipline, the many eminent scholars of New Zealand art history have looked backwards at what artists have created and why this is historically significant. In some cases, this historicising has been used to reflect on the now – both art as it is practised at this moment, and society as we are shaped by it in the present. Christina Barton’s lecture “Towards a History of the Contemporary” reaches towards this end – an understanding of the contemporary as a cultural state with a specific historical context and trajectory.

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Not getting it, Christina Barton

The Big Picture: A History of New Zealand Art from 1642 Hamish Keith Godwit, $49.99, ISBN 9781869621322 I have thought for a long time that a series on the history of art in New Zealand would make for good television

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Shifting the ground rules, Aaron Lister

Leo Bensemann: Portraits, Masks and Fantasy Figures Caroline Otto Nikau Press, $44.95, ISBN 0958224242 Frances Hodgkins: A Private Viewing Joanne Drayton Random, $59.95, ISBN 1869621174 The Expatriates: Barrie Bates and Frances Hodgkins Christina Barton Adam Art Gallery, $25.00, ISBN 1877309044

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Slipping through the net of art history, Christina Barton

Don Peebles: The Harmony at Opposites Justin Paton Robert McDougall Art Gallery & Hazard Press $34.95 ISBN 1 877161 00 4 Of the public art galleries in New Zealand, the Robert McDougall Art Gallery in Christchurch has a commendable record

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