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Radical carrot, upside down parrot, Gregory O’Brien

Frances Hodgkins: European Journeys
Catherine Hammond and Mary Kisler (eds)
Auckland University Press, $75.00,
ISBN 9781869408930

Finding Frances Hodgkins
Mary Kisler
Massey University Press, $45.00,
ISBN 9780995102972

You reach a certain age and your favourite artists and writers start invading your dreams. In one such reverie, I am strolling through Auckland Art Gallery’s “Frances Hodgkins; European Journeys” exhibition with the poet Peter Bland. An expatriate Englishman living here – a reverse-image of Hodgkins, you could say – Peter is a similarly divided or productively bifurcated person. In my dream, he hovers upside down in the antipodean gallery, like a diver frozen just before breaking the surface of the water, or a figure in a Chagall painting. He is relaxed and looks quizzically around, as if this is a perfectly natural way to be.

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Shifting the ground rules, Aaron Lister

Leo Bensemann: Portraits, Masks and Fantasy Figures Caroline Otto Nikau Press, $44.95, ISBN 0958224242 Frances Hodgkins: A Private Viewing Joanne Drayton Random, $59.95, ISBN 1869621174 The Expatriates: Barrie Bates and Frances Hodgkins Christina Barton Adam Art Gallery, $25.00, ISBN 1877309044

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Over‑respecting the person, Tony Bellette

Frances Hodgkins: Paintings and Drawings Iain Buchanan, Michael Dunn, Elizabeth Eastmond Auckland University Press, $79.95 Do we have any right to claim Frances Hodgkins? Famous expatriate artists, to be regarded as properly belonging to their land of birth, normally continue

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