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Is work what makes us human? Alex Beattie

How To Be Human In The Digital Economy
Nicholas Agar
MIT Press, $27.00,
ISBN 9780262038744

Take a minute to consider the speed with which technology is changing our everyday lives. The opening hours of local banks have reduced due to most of our neighbours doing their banking online. The pop-phrase “just Google it”, has retired the Oxford English Dictionary to the bookshelf to collect dust. Even self-service kiosks – once a visual oddity in New World supermarkets or McDonalds restaurants – now appear part of the commercial furniture. Such breathless technology-led change begs the existential question: what value will humans have in the future?

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What’s squeezed into the skull, Rebecca Priestley

Pieces of Mind: 21 Short Walks around the Human Brain Michael C Corballis Auckland University Press. $30.00, ISBN 9781869404925   Last year, my sister Rachel returned from 10 years in Italy, laden with fine Tuscan wines – a light bubbly

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Risky business, Alison Kirkman

Whistle Blower: Abuse of Power in the Church: A New Zealand Story Louise Deans Tandem Press, $24.95, ISBN 1877178780 How dangerous men think and how to stay safe for life Brent Sanders Random House Australia, $24.95, ISBN 0091842093 Touchy Subject:

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