Issue 102 | Winter 2013

NZB-102Volume 23 | Number 2 |  Issue 102 | Winter 2013


David Hill: R L Stedman, A Necklace of Souls; David Hair, Ghosts of Parihaka; Anna MacKenzie, Cattra’s Legacy; Des Hunt, Phantom of Terawhiti

Damien Wilkins: “Always something to behave about” (tribute to Barbara Anderson)

Dale Williams: Geoff Norman, Buller’s Birds of New Zealand: The Complete Work of J G Keulemans

Elspeth Sandys: Janet Frame, In the Memorial Room

John Horrocks: Peter Olds, Under the Dundas Street Bridge; Sam Hunt, Chords and Other Poems; Jan Kemp, Voicetracks: Poems 2002-2012

Mary Roberts: Chris Elder (ed), New Zealand’s China Experience: Its Genesis, Triumphs, and Occasional Moments of Less than Complete Success

Hamish Clayton: “Slow, sure meaning” (Imprints)

Eleanor Toland: Phillip Mann, The Disestablishment of Paradise; P S Mokha, The Last Sanctuary; Michael Morrissey, Tropic of Skorpeo

Nadine France: Ashleigh Young, Magnificent Moon; Vaughan Gunson, This Hill, All It’s about is Lifting it to a Higher Level; Kerrin P Sharpe, Three Days in a Wishing Well

Hugh Roberts: Gordon H Brown, Elements of Modernism in Colin McCahon’s Early Work; Tony Green, Toss Woollaston: Origins and Influence; Rex Butler, Colin McCahon in Australia; Roger Blackley, A Nation’s Portraits

Catharina van Bohemen: Edmund Bohan, Singing Historian: A Memoir; Maryjane Thomson, Sarah Vaughan is not my Mother: A Memoir of Madness; Lynette Robinson, Where the Rainbow Fell Down: A New Zealand Memoir

David Round: Shaun Barnett, Rob Brown and Geoff Spearpoint, Shelter from the Storm: The Story of New Zealand’s Backcountry Huts

Anne Else: Redmer Yska, A Woman’s Place

Vincent O’Malley: Felicity Barnes, New Zealand’s London: A Colony and its Metropolis; Lyndon Fraser and Angela McCarthy (eds), Far from “Home”: The English in New Zealand

David Eggleton: Simon Sweetman, On Song: Stories behind New Zealand’s Pop Classics

Harry Ricketts: Fleur Adcock, Glass Wings

Hugo Petzsch: Geoffrey Troughton, New Zealand Jesus: Social and Religious Transformations of an Image, 1890-1940

Francis McWhannell: Ian St George (ed), William Colenso: His Life and Journeys by A G Bagnall and G C Petersen

Mark Derby: Ron Palenski, The Making of New Zealanders

Simon Upton: Peter Holland, Home in the Howling Wilderness


Roger Blackley: Warwick Henderson, Behind the Canvas: An Insider’s Guide to the New Zealand Art Market

Desmond Bovey: Ray Ching, Aesop’s Kiwi Fables: Paintings

Renée: “Pity about the People” (work-in-progress)

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