Issue 96 | Summer 2011


Issue 96 Summer 2011Volume 21 | Number 4 | Issue 96 | Summer 2011

Editorial “Many happy returns!”


Brian Turner: “Beachfront” (poem)

“Bovver boys” (what they wrote)

C K Stead: Risk (work in progress)

Jolisa Gracewood: “A little close reading” (comment)

Filma Anne Phillips: Richard S Hill, Maori and the State: Crown-Maori Relations in New Zealand/Aotearoa 1950-2000

Iain Sharp: “Temporal blather” (comment)

Barry Gustafson: Leslie Lipson, The Politics of Equality: New Zealand’s Adventures in Democracy

Roger Robinson: Fiona Kidman, The Trouble with Fire 

Eleanor Catton: The Luminaries (work in progress)

Bill Manhire: “A return” (poem)

Paula Green: “1984” (poem)

Chris Brickell: “Bookmaking” (comment)

Timothy G Jones: Jan Cronin, The Frame Function: An Inside-out Guide to the Novels of Janet Frame

James Brown: “Hums” (imprints)

Margot Schwass: “Not on the Cromwell Road” (imprints)

Janet Hughes: Jenny Bornholdt, The Hill of Wool; Anna Jackson, Thicket; Diana Bridge, Aloe; Dinah Hawken, The Leaf Ride; Airini Beautrais, Western Line

Paula Morris, ” ‘Awesome’. Or not” (comment)

Mary Varnham: “Moments of brilliance” (comment)

John Horrocks: Robert Peden, Making Sheep Country: Mt Peel Station and the Transformation of the Tussock Lands

Obituary: Christine Cole Catley

Doug Munro: James Watson and Lachy Paterson (eds), A Great New Zealand Prime Minister? Reappraising William Ferguson Massey

Hugh Roberts: Alex Calder, The Settler’s Plot: How Stories Take Place in New Zealand

Damien Wilkins: “Character testing” (comment)

Elspeth Sandys: “Picking daisies” (poem)

Hannah Smith: Roger Hall, A Way of Life; Jo Randerson, The Unforgiven Harvest/The Lead Wait; Miria George, Urban Hymns; Pip Hall, Queen Bee; Lauren Jackson, Exchange

Paul Morris: Laurie Guy, Shaping Godzone: Public Issues and Church Voices in New Zealand 1840-2000

“Call me Hairy” (what they wrote)


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