Issue 68 | June 2005


Issue 68Volume 15 | Number 2 | Issue 68 | June 2005 

Ian Richards: Jill Trevelyan (ed), Toss Woollaston: A Life in Letters

Editorial: “The dispraise problem”


Leonard Lambert: “Community Service” (poem)

Julia Millen: Bryan Reid, After the Fireworks: A Life of David Ballantyne

David Hill: Richard Hall, How to Gaze at the Southern Stars

Linley Boniface: Charles Ferrall and Jane Stafford (eds), Katherine Mansfield’s Men

Terence O’Brien: A C Wilson, New Zealand and the Soviet Union; 1950-1991: A Brittle Relationship; Alexander Trapeznik and Aaron Fox (eds), Lenin’s Legacy Down Under: New Zealand’s Cold War

Ginette McDonald: Ian Pryor, Peter Jackson: From Prince of Splatter to Lord of the Rings

John Holt: Anna Green and Megan Hutching (eds), Remembering: Writing Oral History

Steven Price: Marc Alexander, Justice With Both Eyes Open

Linda Burgess: Lynley Dodd, The Other Ark; Gavin Bishop, Taming the Sun: Four Maori Myths; Melanie Drewery, illustrations Sabrina Malcolm, Koro’s Medicine; Kate de Goldi, illustrations Jacqui Colley, Clubs

Barbara Murison: Lloyd Jones, illustrations Timon Maxey, Everything You Need to Know About The World by Simon Eliot; Janet Hunt, photographs Rob Lucas, From Weta to Kauri: A Guide to the New Zealand Forest; Andrew Crowe, The Life-size Guide to the New Zealand Beach; Jennifer Beck, John Britten: The Boy Who Did Do Better

Joan de Hamel: Fleur Beale, illustrations Michaela Sangl, Walking Lightly; Fleur Beale, My Story: A New Song in the Land – The Writings of Atapo, Paihia, c1840; Ken Catran, Robert Moran – Private; Shirley Corlett, You’ve Got Guts, Kenny Melrose; Jack Lasenby, Aunt Effie and the Island That Sank

Mark Houlahan: Jack Ross, Monkey Miss Her Now & Everything a Teenage Girl Should Know; Murray Edmond, Fool Moon; Paula Green, Crosswind; Sonja Yelich, Clung

Harvey McQueen: Paul Morris, Harry Ricketts and Mike Grimshaw (eds), Spirit Abroad: A Second Selection of New Zealand Spiritual Verse; Robin Law and Heather Murray (eds), Under Flagstaff: An Anthology of Dunedin Poetry

Allan Thomas: A T Ngata and Pei Te Hurinui Jones (eds), Nga Moteatea: The Songs, Part One; Mervyn McLean and Margaret Orbell, Traditional Songs of the Maori

Harvey Molloy: David Grant, Those Who Can Teach: A History of Secondary Education in New Zealand from the Union Perspective; David Cohen, Welcome to the Campus of Struggle: Dispatches from the International Student Academic Front 1999-2004

Megan Clayton: Claudia Orange, An Illustrated History of the Treaty of Waitangi

Redmer Yska: Ashley Heenan, God Defend New Zealand: A History of the National Anthem; Max Cryer, Hear Our Voices We Entreat: The Extraordinary Story of New Zealand’s National Anthems

Hilary Stace: Phil Parkinson and Penny Griffith (compilers), Books in Maori, 1815-1900: An Annotated Bibliography/Nga Tanga Reo Maori: Nga Kohikohinga Me Ona Whakamarama

Elspeth Sandys: “A seat on the bus” (comment)

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