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Twinkle, twinkle, David Hill

How to Gaze at the Southern Stars Richard Hall Awa Press, $24.95, ISBN 0958250995   Look at the stars! Look, look up at the skies! O look at all the fire-folk sitting in the air! The bright boroughs, the circle-citadels

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Pinning down the “again” factor, Linda Burgess

The Other Ark Lynley Dodd Mallinson Rendel, $27.95, ISBN 090878385X Taming the Sun: Four Maori Myths Gavin Bishop Random, $29.95, ISBN 1869416120 Koro’s Medicine Melanie Drewery, illustrations by Sabrina Malcolm Huia, $16.95, ISBN 1869691044 Clubs  Kate De Goldi, illustrations by

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A seat on the bus, Elspeth Sandys

The recent tragic death of novelist and short-story writer Bronwyn Tate set me thinking, not for the first time, about why her works were not better known in this country. I’m not alone in regarding her as a fine writer,

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A matter of balance, Harvey McQueen

Spirit Abroad: A Second Selection of New Zealand Spiritual Verse ed Paul Morris, Harry Ricketts and Mike Grimshaw Godwit, $39.95, ISBN 1869621115 Under Flagstaff: An Anthology of Dunedin Poetry ed Robin Law and Heather Murray University of Otago Press, $39.95,

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Issue 68 Summer 2005

  Volume 14 | Number 4 | Issue 68 | Summer 2005  Ian Richards: Jill Trevelyan (ed), Toss Woollaston: A Life in Letters Editorial: “The dispraise problem” Letters Leonard Lambert: “Community Service” (poem) Julia Millen: Bryan Reid, After the Fireworks: A

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Speaking for themselves, John Holt

Remembering: Writing Oral History ed Anna Green and Megan Hutching Auckland University Press, $45.00, ISBN 1869403177 The first oral history project I undertook at university very nearly didn’t make it past the first hurdle. The project was to create and

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Keeping the songs alive, Allan Thomas

Nga Moteatea: The Songs, Part One  ed A T Ngata and Pei Te Hurinui Jones Auckland University Press (third edition with CDs), $70.00, ISBN 1869403215 Traditional Songs of the Maori ed Mervyn McLean and Margaret Orbell Auckland University Press (third

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Back to the USSR, Terence O’Brien

New Zealand and the Soviet Union, 1950-1991: A Brittle Relationship A C Wilson Victoria University Press, $39.95, ISBN 086473476X Lenin’s Legacy Down Under: New Zealand’s Cold War ed Alexander Trapeznik and Aaron Fox Otago University Press, $39.95, ISBN 1877276901 Reviewing

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Strange days in the language school, Mark Houlahan

Monkey Miss Her Now & Everything a Teenage Girl Should Know Jack Ross Danger Publications, [no price given], ISBN 047600182X Fool Moon Murray Edmond Auckland University Press, $27.99, ISBN 1869403169 Crosswind Paula Green Auckland University Press, $27.99, ISBN 186940324x Clung

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Letters — Issue 68

Sense and intention Thanks to Chris Else for the review of my latest novel Tu (NZB, December 2004). However a mistake has been made. In the third-to-last paragraph of the review there has been a misquotation from the book. The

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