Issue 36 | December 1998

Issue-36Volume 8 | Number 5 | Issue 36 | December 1998



Tessa Barringer: Graham Beattie and Stephanie Johnson (eds), Penguin 25: New Fiction; Graeme Lay (ed), Another 100 NZ Short Short Stories; Isa Moynihan, Sex & the Single Mayfly

Bernard Carpinter: Michael Wall, Friendly Fire; Morgan Jones, Taken to the Cleaners; Laurie Mantell, Mates

Lydia Wevers: Roger Robinson and Nelson Wattie, The Oxford Companion to New Zealand Literature in English

Sarah Quigley: Mark Pirie (ed), The NeXt Wave

Lorae Parry: A room of one’s own

Joe Bennett: At the Sign of the Stabbed Dog

Chris Laidlaw: Robin McConnell, Inside the All Blacks

Harry Ricketts: Geoff Howarth, Stirred But Not Shaken; Glenn Turner, Lifting the Covers

Susan St John: David Thomson, A World without Welfare. New Zealand’s Colonial Experiment; Margaret McClure, A Civilised Community. A History of Social Welfare in New Zealand

Brian Easton: Tim Hazledine, Taking New Zealand Seriously: the Economics of Decency

Mary Macpherson: Harry Ricketts, Nothing to Declare

Bernadette Hall: Paula Green, Cookhouse; Kate Camp, Unfamiliar Legends of the Stars; John Dickson, Sleeper

Ken Arvidson: Vincent O’Sullivan, Seeing You Asked

C K Stead: John Cage at Harvard, 1988 (a poem)

Katherine Liddy: Frances (a poem)

Colin James: Michael Laws, The Demon Profession

Bill Southworth: Ian Johnstone, Stand and Deliver

Jack Hodder: Anthony Molloy QC, Thirty Pieces of Silver: A big New Zealand law firm and its concept of professional responsibility viewed through its words, its works and its documents

Eric Medcalf: Suzanne Innes-Kent, Love For All Seasons

Merle Nowland: Ian Wishart, An Irish Legacy: The Real Danny Butler Story; Christopher John Lewis, Last Words; Ronda Bungay, Scarecrows: Why Women Kill

Paul Thompson: Les Cleveland, Six Decades. Message from the Exterior

Judith Dale: Lorae Parry, Eugenia

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