Issue 34 | August 1998

Issue-34Volume 8 | Number 3 | Issue 34 | August 1998


Lauris Edmond homes in on Michael Jackson’s twin lives: Michael Jackson, The Blind Impress

Bill Sewell: Burns Fellowship 40th anniversary reunion, 22 May 1998 (comment)

Laurence Jenkins: Jeff Buchanan, Sucking Feijoas

Rodney Hamel: Dream Collectors: One Hundred Years of Art in New Zealand

Margaret Clark: John Mansfield Thomson (ed), Farewell Colonialism: The New Zealand International Exhibition, Christchurch, 1906-07

Elizabeth Webby: Terry Sturm (ed), The Oxford History of New Zealand Literature in English (2ed)

Julie Eberly: William Taylor, Hark; Jack Lasenby, Uncle Trev’s Teeth

Miles Fairburn: Malcolm McKinnon (ed), New Zealand Historical Atlas: Visualising New Zealand

Rachel Locker McKee: Graeme Kennedy (ed), A Dictionary of New Zealand Sign Language

Lloyd Jones: Stuart Hoar, The Hard Light; Maurice Gee, Live Bodies; John Pule, Burn my head in Heaven

Anaru Vercoe: Mason Durie, Te Mana Te Kawanatanga: The Politics of Maori Self-Determination; Pania Te Whaiti, Marie McCarthy and Aroha Durie, Mai i Rangiatea: Maori Wellbeing and Development

Jane Westaway: Sarah Quigley, having words with you; Catherine Chidgey, In a fishbone church

Angela Ballara: Vincent O’Malley, Agents of Autonomy: Maori Committees in the 19th Century; Helen M Hogan, Hikurangi to Homburg

Rosemary McLeod: Sarah-Kate Lynch, Stuff It! A Wicked Approach to Dieting

Claire Murdoch: Mark Pirie (ed), JAAM 7; Nick Ashcroft (ed), Takahe 31; Diane Brown (ed), Printout 21; James Brown and Fergus Barrowman (eds), Sport 18 & 19; pnw donnelly, Catherine Mair, John O’Connor (eds), Spin 27; Christine Thompson (ed), Meanjin 2-4 (1997); Alistair Paterson (ed), Poetry NZ 12-15

Tom Brooking: Michael Bassett, The Mother of All Departments: The History of the Department of Internal Affairs; Derek Dow, Safeguarding the Public Health: A History of the New Zealand Department of Health

Ben Gray: Brian Broom, Somatic Illness and the Patient’s Other Story: A practical integrative mind/body approach to disease for doctors and psychotherapists

John Allison: Nigel Brown, Bill Manhire, Chris Orsman, Homelight; Harry Ricketts, 13 Ways; Ingrid Horrocks, Natsukashii; Chris Orsman, Black South

Geoffrey Thompson: Jonathan Boston, Stephen Levine, Elizabeth Hickey and Nigel Roberts (eds), From Campaign to Coalition: the 1996 MMP Election; Jack Vowles, Peter Aimer, Susan Banducci and Jeffrey Karp, Voters’ Victory? New Zealand’s First Election under Proportional Representation; Graeme Hunt, Why MMP Must Go: The Case for Ditching the Electoral Disaster of the Century

Joe Wallis: Brian Easton, In Stormy Seas: The Post-War New Zealand Economy

Kate Camp: Kevin Ireland, Anzac Day

David Eggleton: Sean Mallon and Pandora Fulimalo, Speaking in Colour

Hamish Tristram: Letter from London (comment)

Letters, August 1998

Tony Beyer: Persimmons (a poem)

Cilla McQueen: Kitchen table (a poem)

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