Issue 16 | December 1994

IMG-16Volume 4 | Number 4 | Issue 16 | December 1994



Judith Holloway: Jack Lasenby, Dead Men’s Head

Heather Murray: Marilyn Duckworth, A Barbarous Tongue; Fooling

Kim Worthington: Linda Burgess, Between Friends; Cathie Dunsford, Cowrie; Annamarie Jagose, In Translation; Shonagh Koea, Sing to Me, Dreamer

Iain Sharp: Bill Payne, Poor Behaviour; Peter Wells, The Duration of a Kiss

Jane McRae: Te Ahukaramu Charles Royal (ed), Kati au i konei

Gerry Webb: Stevan Eldred-Grigg, My History, I Think

Tom Beard: Kevin Ireland, Skinning a Fish

Charles Croot: Chris Orsman, Ornamental Gorse; Bernadette Hall, The Persistent Levitator; Lynda Earle, Honeypants; L E Scott, Black Family Letters from Boston

Harry RickettsA literary history (limericks)

Leonard Lambert: Sea-corn (a poem)

Graham Lindsay: Hospital in Kabul (a poem)

Tony Bellette: Iain Buchanan, Michael Dunn, Elizabeth Eastmond, Frances Hodgkins: Paintings and Drawings

Simon Upton: The need for a conservative rudder (essay)

Brian Gaynor: Olly Newland, Lost Property: The Crash of ’87 … and the aftershock

Michael Laws: Jane Tolerton, Catholic Girls

Margaret Wilson: Janet Sayers and Marianne Tremaine (ed), The Vision and the Reality: Equal Employment Opportunities in the New Zealand Workplace

Anne Else: Caroline Daley and Melanie Nolan (ed), Suffrage and Beyond – International Feminist Perspectives

Jeanine Graham: Edmund Bohan, Edward Stafford: New Zealand’s First Statesman

David Mackay: Richard Hough, Captain James Cook. A Biography

Penny Fenwick: Ruth Butterworth and Nicholas Tarling, A Shakeup Anyway – Government and the Universities in New Zealand in a Decade of Reform

Chris Price: AND then what? (essay)

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