Poem — Bill Sewell



Virtually alive
stare through the terminal screen
instead of the window.

Clouds and light
the water slopping about the harbour
do not move

with the speed
or anything like the obedience
of electronic impulses.

A dance of fingers on the keyboard
to gain admittance:
abstraction incarnate.

Automatic transfer:
the figures shifting bit by bit
from vault to vault.

Consensual hallucination:
the view shifting to the mind’s design
into cyberspace

which moves mountains
makes the earth move for us
gets a move on

removes the Minotaur
Jack the Ripper and Saddam Hussein
removes death.

By virtue of the brain
its hemispheres neurons and synapses
another brain

we can escape into
once the body’s been killed off:

Bill Sewell

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