Issue 8 | March 1993


Issue 8 Autumn 1993Volume 2 | Number 4 | Issue 8 | March 1993



Norman Bilbrough: Forbes Williams, Motel View; Sheridan Keith, Animal Passions; Bernard Gadd, Just Like You Said It Would Be; Peter Entwisle, Elaine and other stories; Vincent O’Sullivan, Palms and Minarets; Vincent O’Sullivan (ed), The Oxford Book of New Zealand Short Stories

Peter Crisp: Andrew Mason (ed), Vital Writing 3: New Zealand Short Stories and Poems, 1991-92

Jackie Owens: Stephanie Johnson, Crimes of Neglect

Michael Morrissey: Mike Johnson, Lethal Dose

Margaret Scott: Joan Druett, Murder at the Brian Boru; Carol Dawber, Backtrack

Diane Hebley: Jack Lasenby, The Conjuror; Sherryl Jordan, Winter of Fire

Harry Orsman: Ruth Park, A Fence around the Cuckoo

Ivan Snook: C E Beeby, The Biography of an Idea: Beeby on Education; G McDonald and R Benton (eds), The Beeby Fascicles

Lauris Edmond: Ruth Fry, Maud and Amber, A New Zealand mother and daughter and the Women’s Cause, 1865 to 1981, Mihi Edwards, Mihipeka: Time of Turmoil

Nola Easdale: John Hall-Jones, John Turnbull Thomson: First Surveyor-General of NZ

Diane Hebley: Dennis McEldowney, Shaking the Bee Tree

Pauline Engel: Judith Graham, Breaking the Habit: Life in a New Zealand Dominican Convent 1956-67

Dale Williams: Heather Benson, A Dissolving Dream: A New Zealander in Amin’s Uganda; Penelope Hansen, My Father and Me: New Zealand women remember

Wendy Pond: Allan Thomas (ed), A New Most Excellent Dancing Master. The Journal of Joseph Lowe’s visits to Balmoral and Windsor (1852-1860) to teach dance to the family of Queen Victoria; Jennifer Shennan (ed), A Workbook by Kellom Tomlinson. Commonplace Book of an Eighteenth-Century English Dancing Master, A Facsimile Edition

Tony Simpson: G W Rice (ed), The Oxford History of New Zealand (2nd Edition)

Russell Stone: W J Gardner, A Pastoral Kingdom Divided: Cheviot 1889-94

Tony Simpson: Duncan Mackay, Frontier New Zealand: The Search for Eldorado 1800-1920

Dale Williams: Paul Monin, Waiheke Island. A History; John Goodliffe, These Fortunate Isles: Some Russian perceptions of New Zealand in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries

Patrick King: John C Moorfield, Te Māhuri

Charles Royal: Hepora Young, Te Mātāwai (series of 4 books)

Rachel Lawson: “Rawhiti Press”

Ivanica Vodanovich: Suzann Olsson (ed), The Gender Factor: Women in NZ Organisations

Elisabeth McDonald: The Women’s Studies Journal, Vol 8, No 2, 1992

Barbara Mabbett: Hugh Price, School Textbooks published in New Zealand to 1960

Lloyd Geering: Humanist Society (ed), Honest to Goodness

Shelagh Duckham Cox: Raymond Harbridge (ed), Employment Contracts: New Zealand Experiences

Vivienne Ullrich: Mark Henaghan and Bill Atkin (eds), Family Law Policy in New Zealand

Ben Gray: Don Matheson (ed), Health where it hurts: The story of the Newtown Health Service; Lyndon Keene (ed), Health reforms: A second opinion; Core Services 1993/94: The First Report of the National Advisory Committee on Core Health and Disability Support Services

Martin Taylor: Richard Bolstad with Margot Hamblett, Te Hata Ohlson, and Jan Hardie, Communicating Caring: A guide for health workers and caregivers

Dale Williams: Margaret Clark (ed), Godwits Return; Juliet Ashton, Your Successful Small Business: a New Zealand guide to starting out and staying in business; Vicki Hyde, Godzone Skies: Astronomy for New Zealanders; Lynnsay Rongokea, Tivaevae: Portraits of Cook Islands Quilting

Jerry Mushin: Mike Moore, Fighting for New Zealand: New Zealand in the 21st Century

Brian Easton: Colin James, New Territory: the Transformation of New Zealand 1984-1992

Iain Sharp: “Letter from Auckland: Son of Landfall”


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