Issue 4 | March 1992


Issue 4 Autumn 1992Volume 1 | Number 4 | Issue 4 | March 1992

Editorial, March 1992

Letters, March 1992

Shelagh Duckham Cox: Charlotte Macdonald, Merimeri Penfold, Bridget Williams (eds), The Book of New Zealand Women: Ko Kui Ma Te Kaupapa

A F Bellette: David Marr, Patrick White: a Life.

Mark Stocker: Denys Trussell, Alan Pearson: His Life and art.

Brian Carmody: Marion McLeod, Doreen Blumhardt, Teacher and Potter.

Jonathan Else: Gregory O’Brien, Nigel Brown, Random Century; Linda Gill, Gretchen Albrecht.

Pam Wilson: Peter Shaw, New Zealand Architecture from Polynesian Beginnings to 1990.

J H Sutherland: Anna Gibbons, Leading Lights: Lighthouses of New Zealand.

Rebekah Palmer: Beryl Fletcher, The Word Burners; Elspeth Sandys, Finding Out.

Bernie Steeds: Alistair Campbell, Sidewinder

Emma Neale: Margaret Sutherland, The City Far from Home

Barbara Duke: Cathie Dunsford (ed), Subversive Acts: New Writing by New Zealand Women

W S Broughton: Lawrence Jones, Barbed Wire and Mirrors: Essays on New Zealand prose

Gavin McLean: Harry Ricketts (ed), Worlds of Katherine Mansfield; OUP, Dirty Silence: Aspects of Language and Literature in New Zealand; Carin SvenssonAn Unusually Clumsy Lover

Judith Dale: Renée, Jeannie Once; Bruce Stewart, Broken Arse.

Adrian Kiernander: He Reo Hou: 5 Plays by Maori Playwrights

Peter Simpson: Jenny Bornholdt, Waiting Shelter; Jean Lonie, Angle of Repose; Sam Hunt, Making Tracks: A Selected 50 Poems, Bob Orr, Breeze.

Anne French: Vivienne Plumb (ed), Between these Hills; Terry Locke, Peter Low and John Winslade (eds), White Feathers: An Anthology of New Zealand and Pacific Island Poetry on the Theme of Peace; Michael Harlow, Giotto’s Elephant.

Leonard Lambert: Sonless Man (poem).

Tony Beyer: “Inspired by an affronted sense of mission: the poetry scene today” (comment).

Fiona Kidman: Bridget Williams Books

Claire-Louise McCurdy: Julie Glamuzina and Alison J Laurie, Parker and Hulme: A Lesbian View

Catherine Healy: Jan Jordan, Working Girls.

Rosemary du Plessis: Alison Gray, Springs in My Heels: Stories About Women and Change, Julie Park (ed), Ladies a Plate: Change and Continuity in the Lives of New Zealand Women.

Gavin McLean: Ron Brazier, Ian Keyes, Graeme Stevens, The Great New Zealand Fossil Book: Pictures of Ancient Life in an Evolving Land; Graeme Stevens, On Shaky Ground: a Geological Guide to the Wellington Metropolitan Region;  Paul Bensemann, Tragedy at Aramoana; Men of the Hills series, Fall Muster: the Annual Muster on Mt Nicholas Station; Ken Moore, Learning on the Farm: the Educational Background and Needs of New Zealand Farmers; Graham Hutchins, Hello-Goodbye.

Bruce Morris: Jack Lasenby, Uncle Trev.

Kirsty Cochrane: Ron Bacon and Kelvin Hawley, The Kite; Paula Boock, Out Walked Mel.

Nicola Chilton: Mary Atwool and others, Fabulous and Familiar: Children’s reading in New Zealand past and present; Susan Price, Books for Life.

B J Poff: Jeffrey Sissons, Te Waimana, The Spring of Mana: Tuhoe History and the Colonial Encounter; Sir Keith Sinclair, Kinds of Peace: Maori People After the Wars, 1870-85; Peter Kennett, Unsung Hero: Barzillai Quaife.

Mark Stocker: Michael Dunn, A Concise History of New Zealand Painting; National Library: New Zealand seen by the French 1769-1846.


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