Issue 1 | April 1991


Issue 1 Autumn 1991Volume 1 | Number 1 | Issue 1 | April 1991 

Editorial, J M Thomson: “Books in society”

John Roberts: John E Martin, The Forgotten Worker – The Rural Wage Worker in Nineteenth Century New Zealand; Stevan Eldred-Grigg, New Zealand Working People 1890-1990; David Lange, Nuclear Free – The New Zealand Way; Geoffrey Palmer, Environmental Politics – A Greenprint for New Zealand

Rod Alley: Colin James and Alan McRobie, Changes? The 1990 Election

Melanie Nolan: Keith Sinclair (ed), The Oxford Illustrated History of New Zealand; Judith Bassett, Judith Binney, Erik Olssen, The People and the Land: Te Tangata Me Te Whenua

Harry Ricketts: Patrick Evans (ed), The Penguin History of New Zealand Literature

Sarah Sandley: Heather Murray, Double Lives

Roger Robinson: Maurice Gee, The Burning Boy

Doreen D’Cruz: Barbara Anderson, Girls High

John Needham: Russell Haley, Besides Myself; Elizabeth Smither, Nights at the Embassy; Gary Langford, Newlands

Bruce Stewart: Alan Duff, Once Were Warriors

Elizabeth Knox: Deborah Peteren, Avaro; Lydia Wevers (ed), Tabasco Sauce and Ice Cream

Iain Sharp: “Stuck in the middle – or the New Zealand publishing scene observed” (comment)

Kevin Ireland: Graham Hawkes, The Car in New Zealand

Charles Croot: Anne French, Cabin Fever; Leonard Lambert, Park Island; Robert Sullivan, Jazz Waists; Gregory O’Brien, Man with a Child’s Violin

Lauris Edmond: Caroline Macdonald, Speaking to Miranda


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