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Why bother, Anna Jackson

Tomorrow the Dark Ken Catran Lothian, $17.95, ISBN 0734404174 The Thin Line V K Joseph Mallinson Rendel, $16.95, ISBN 090878371X Right Where It Hurts David Hill Mallinson Rendel, $15.95, ISBN 0908783701 Alchemy Margaret Mahy HarperCollins, $14.99, ISBN 0007131356 I’ve been

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Obituary — Bill Sewell

Bill Sewell (1951-2003)   Bill Sewell achieved excellence in an unusually wide variety of areas. While versatility is sometimes the province of the amateur, this was not so with Bill, whose manifold fruiting branches sprang from a single and solid

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Light fantastic, Laurie Atkinson

The Pollards: A family and its child and adult opera companies in New Zealand and Australia 1880-1910 Peter Downes Steele Roberts, $39.95, ISBN 1877228737 Shakespeare got in a snit with them and had Rosencrantz compare them to noisy young birds

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Volunteer photographers abroad, Paul Thompson

New Zealand Abroad – The story of VSA’s work in Africa, Asia and the Pacific Trevor Richards, Jeremy Rose, Margot Schwass (photographs: Bruce Connew, Nicola Dove, Bryn Evans, David Gurr, Gil Hanly, Louise Hyatt, Glenn Jowitt, Terry O’Connor) Bridget Williams

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Ways of cooking it – a smorgasbord of art books, Mark Amery

If you were to place all of the volumes on New Zealand art in one bookcase, you’d be presented with one rather higgledy-piggledy collection. Together they would tell an odd tale of short-lived publishing lines, changing institutional agendas, different and

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Heroes and zeroes, Lynn Freeman

Looking For Trouble Glenda Hughes HarperCollins, $31.95, ISBN 1869504453 New Zealand Woman’s Weekly: 70 Years from Pavlovas to PMs Jenny Lynch Random House, $39.95, ISBN 869415442 Inside Talk Radio Bill Francis Darius, $24.95, ISBN 958240914 Talkback radio, women’s magazines and

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“Who’s this Pinetree?” Chris Laidlaw

The Judas Game: The Betrayal of New Zealand rugby Joseph Romanos Darius Press, $29.95, ISBN 0958240906 Meads Brian Turner Hodder Moa Beckett $49.95, ISBN 1869589173 A little anecdote buried in Joseph Romanos’ latest book The Judas Game: The Betrayal of

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Free speech (at a price), Lynley Hood

I used to believe that only pornographers, bigots, blasphemers and show-offs needed to worry about censorship in New Zealand. But, in the course of bringing A City Possessed into the world, I discovered that we all have to worry about

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Back to the future, Shelagh Duckham Cox

The Hopeful Traveller Fiona Farrell Vintage, $26.95, ISBN 1869415175 This island novel starts either in 1851 with a rail journey to the Crystal Palace in London or in 2001 in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attacks on the two

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The historian’s story, Brian Turner

Looking for the Phoenix – A Memoir W H Oliver Bridget Williams Books, $39.95, ISBN 1877242985 When W H (Bill) Oliver says that, by and large, New Zealand’s been a “good place” for him, one senses that at times he’s

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