Issue 58 | June 2003


Issue 58 Winter 2002Volume 13 | Number 2 | Issue 58 | June 2003

Brian Turner: W H Oliver, Looking for the Phoenix – A Memoir



Elizabeth Smither: “Singing in the rain” (poem)

Lydia Wevers: Bill Sewell, The Ballad of Fifty-one

James Norcliffe: Simon Williamson, Storyteller; Tim Jones, Boat People; Jack Ross, Chantal’s Book

John Horrocks: James Brown, Favourite Monsters; Stephanie de Montalk, The Scientific Evidence of Dr Wang

Paola Bilbrough: William Brandt, the book of the film of the story of my life; Paula Morris, Queen of Beauty

Shelagh Duckham Cox: Fiona Farrell, The Hopeful Traveller

Zoe Prebble: Ann Beaglehole, Replacement Girl; Denis Baker, On a Distant Island

Jane Stafford: Deborah Challinor, Tamar; Barbara Ewing, The Trespass; Denise Keay, The Stove Rake

Malcolm Campbell: Lyndon Fraser and Katie Pickles (eds), Shifting Centres: Women and Migration in New Zealand History

Jan Kemp: from “Two tohunga waiata on one crescent” (poem)

Jane Tolerton: Frances Porter, Away from Home: The Story of Victoria House

Mark Amery: A survey of recent art books

Anna Jackson: Ken Catran, Tomorrow the Dark; V K Joseph, The Thin Line; David Hill, Right Where It Hurts; Margaret Mahy, Alchemy

Jenny Jones: Tim Corballis, Measurement

Otto Heim: Alan Duff, Jake’s Long Shadow

Verica Rupar: Judy McGregor and Margie Comrie (eds), What’s News? Reclaiming Journalism in New Zealand

Lynn Freeman: Glenda Hughes, Looking for Trouble; Jenny Lynch, New Zealand Women’s Weekly: 70 Years from Pavlova to PMS; Bill Francis, Inside Talk Radio

David Grant: Martin Hames, The Crisis in New Zealand Schools

Andrew Sharp: Geoffrey Palmer, Constitutional Conversations: Geoffrey Palmer Talks to Kim Hill on National Radio 1994-2001; Pat Moloney and Kerry Taylor (eds), On the Left: Essays on Socialism in New Zealand

Gaylene Preston: Chris Ronayne, Rudi Gopas: A Biography

Sue Court: Sarah Shieff, Talking Music: conversations  with New Zealand musicians

Laurie Atkinson: Peter Downes, The Pollards: A family and its child and adult opera companies in New Zealand and Australia 1880-1910

Kim Griggs: Sam Mahon, The Year of the Horse, Longacre

Chris Laidlaw: Joseph Romanos, The Judas Game: The Betrayal of New Zealand Rugby; Brian Turner, Meads

Paul Thompson: Trevor Richards, Jeremy Rose, Margot Schwass, New Zealand Abroad – The story of VSA’s work in Africa, Asia and the Pacific

Bill Logan: Lloyd Geering, Christianity Without God; Michael Blain, Wellington Cathedral of St Paul: A History 1840-2001

Lynley Hood: “Free Speech (at a price)” (comment)

Peter Russell: Bill Sewell (1951-2003) (obituary)




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