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What if? Susan Pearce

The Shingle Bar Sea Monster and Other Stories
Laura Solomon
Proverse Hong Kong
ISBN 9789888167357

Rising to the Surface
Latika Vasil
Steele Roberts
ISBN 9781927242124

Blood and Koka Kola
Christodoulos E G Moisa
One Eyed Press
ISBN 9781483911298

Each short story I love is distinguished by a different, glowing, coherent consciousness. To achieve that, a vital, even chaotic impulse towards life must propel the first writing. Yet the chaos can only be transmuted into that ardent consciousness by a disciplined awareness of language, cadence, characterisation, structure and so on. And the stories’ originating ideas must be pushed far enough to satisfy.

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End times, Susan Pearce

Their Faces Were Shining Tim Wilson Victoria University Press, $30.00, ISBN 9780864736291 August Bernard Beckett Text Publishing, $30.00, ISBN 9781921758041   These days, Second Coming websites glean enough donations to post video ads on music sites, so even if you

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Back in Gloriavale, Susan Pearce

Sins of the Fathers: The Long Shadow of a Religious Cult Fleur Beale Longacre Press, $29.99, ISBN 9781877460302 At 27 Philip Cooper left the conservative Christian community ruled by his bullying, monomaniacal father, Neville Cooper. He left behind his wife

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Mermaids, miners and mystics, Anne Else

Saltskin Louise Moulin Black Swan, $27.99, ISBN 9781869419608 Ribbons of Grace Maxine Alterio Penguin Books, $35.00, ISBN 9780143006442 Acts of Love Susan Pearce Victoria University Press, $29.99, ISBN 9780864735652 Three first (or at any rate, first published) novels, all by

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