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Immersion therapy, Ruth Brown

Writing Along Broken Lines: Violence and Ethnicity in Contemporary Maori Fiction  Otto Heim Auckland University Press, $39.95, ISBN 1 86940 182 4 Both Sides of the Moon Alan Duff Vintage, $29.95, ISBN 1 86941 362 8 After retiring from journalism,

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Contextualising Maori writing, Ruth Brown

When Keri Hulme’s novel the bone people received international acclaim in 1975 I thought that we needed to ask questions about what western culture is doing when it deems “other” races to be still “spiritual”. It seemed that a version

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Heed the tale, not the teller, Ruth Brown

One Night Out Stealing Alan Duff, Tandem Press, $24.95 Affluence, it seems, is vindicated. Whereas Once Were Warriors exposed the anguish of the dispossessed, One Night Out Stealing is more concerned with reassurances for the well-to-do that their good fortune is merited. A university degree

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