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Palate cleansers, Paola Bilbrough

The Violinist in Spring Anna Smaill Victoria University Press, $24.95, ISBN 08647350222 Hourglass Sue Wootton Steele Roberts, $19.95, ISBN 187733877X The Devil in My Shoes Phil Kawana Auckland University Press, $21.99, ISBN 1869403525 Poetry is an elastic genre; there are

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Politics and culture between the sheets, Phil Kawana

Huia Short Stories Five: Contemporary Maori Fiction [editor not given] Huia, $29.95, ISBN 186969032X Without Reservation – Indigenous Erotica (ed) Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm Huia, $34.95, ISBN 0973139625   Both these books from Huia are collections of indigenous literature, but the similarities

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Rough around the edges, Phil Kawana

Camilla Vanilla  Nick Hyde Vintage, $24.95, ISBN 1869414519 The Gospel @ccording to Cole  Rhonda Bartle Cape Catley, $24.95, ISBN 0908561830 A good cover should draw you towards a book, and the covers of both these novels do just that. The

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