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Brave new worlds, Ian Lochhead

Vertical Living: The Architectural Centre and the Remaking of Wellington
Julia Gatley and Paul Walker
Auckland University Press, $60.00,
ISBN 9781869408152

The very notion of so rapid and wholesale a change to a city’s fabric … is a high-risk undertaking, not unlike performing open-heart surgery with a Kango hammer. The feverish uncoordinated fingers of the city’s many, self-appointed quacks have ripped out flesh and transplanted organs with almost total disregard for the patient’s ability to survive in any recognisable form. Not surprisingly, the city is bleeding – badly – with many of its inhabitants in deep, post-operative shock.

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Home straight, Meghan Nordeck

Looking for the Local: Architecture and the New Zealand Modern Justine Clark & Paul Walker Victoria University Press, $59.95, ISBN 0864733879   Publishing architecture is never easy. Partly this is a problem of trying to accommodate within the medium of

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