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The missionary position, Laurence Jenkins

Slow Water Annamarie Jagose Victoria University Press, $29.95, ISBN 0864734506 In 1836, William Yate, clergyman and missionary, aged 3, set sail from London for his beloved Waimate North, the New Zealand mission which had been founded in 1823 by the

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Chord and discord Laurence Jenkins

A Life Set to Music, the Autobiography of Edwin Carr, New Zealand Composer Edwin Carr Blanchard Press, $42.95, ISBN 0473078511 With the recent death of Douglas Lilburn, this country was reminded that the vanguard of creative artists, those who first

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Bent on purgation, Laurence Jenkins

Long Loop Home: A Memoir  Peter Wells Vintage, $27.95, ISBN 1869414683 The body language in the photograph forecasts much about the story between the covers of Peter Wells’s Long Loop Home. A Memoir. Three figures pose on a deserted beach,

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Smoke gets in their poems, Laurence Jenkins

Eat These Sweet Words. The New Zealand Anthology of Lesbian and Gay Poetry eds Sue Fitchett, Marewa Glover, Cary McDermott, Rhona Vickoce Publishing Giant Press, 
$24.95, ISBN 0 9583582 4 9 When Two Men Embrace. The New Zealand Anthology of

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