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The lonely soldier, Peter Ireland

Laurence Aberhart (photographs) and Jock Phillips (essay)
Victoria University Press with Dunedin Public Art Gallery, $60.00,
ISBN 9780864739339

What to make of all the hoopla surrounding the centenary of WWI? Is it just one thing we’re commemorating – say, honouring “the supreme sacrifice” – or is it a whole bunch of stuff to do with fostering “national identity” (that three-legged beast with its tail at the wrong end), or even to do with pursuing commercial opportunity? After all, the fallen fell not only to defend motherhood and democracy, but the freedom to engage in marketing, too.

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Heavy light industry, Paul Thompson

Domestic Architecture (1974-2005) Laurence Aberhart McNamara Gallery, $49.95, ISBN 0958243085 Light Wine Things Bill Culbert Dunedin Public Art Gallery, $29.95, ISBN 0908910444 Figure in the New Zealand Landscape Victoria Ginn OTS Publications, $39.95, ISBN 04760160X The Terrible Boredom of Paradise

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