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Chronicling the near present, Joe Atkinson

Changing Times: New Zealand Since 1945
Jenny Carlyon and Diana Morrow
Auckland University Press, $45.00,
ISBN 9781869407827

Whoever coined the title for this new history of New Zealand’s recent past clearly did not want to give anything away. It is hard to think of a blander, less committal title than Changing Times. Isn’t all history about changing times? Such a title might be taken to reflect our populist and relativist age where conclusiveness or the attribution of historical progression are widely considered to be culturally insensitive. Can history be written in such an age?

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Half the truth and nothing but, Joe Atkinson

The Remaking of Television New Zealand 1984-1992 Barry Spicer, Michael Powell and David Emanuel Auckland University Press (in association with the Broadcasting History Trust), $34.95, ISBN 1 86940 151 4 This is a story about a far-sighted and determined group of

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