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Biting wit, with an undertow of melancholy, Jim Mora

Drawn Out: A Seriously Funny Memoir
Tom Scott
Allen and Unwin, $45.00,
ISBN 9781877505911


We all store trivial moments that hang around in the hippocampus for some sort of reason. I remember the late Kenny Everett on Capitol Radio in London back-announcing the song “Suspicious Minds” once. “I could have been Elvis”, he mused, “if only I’d had the talent, the looks and the voice.” Many of us who observe politics professionally to any extent have this sort of feeling when we compare our contributions with Tom Scott’s.

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A dog for everyone, Philippa, Octavia and Laura Horgan

Dexter and Friends: New Zealand’s Wonderful World of Dogs Mark Leishman and Jim Mora Shoal Bay Press, $29.95, ISBN 1 908704 46 1 Dogs are man’s best friends. Dexter and Friends backs up this age-old saying. This book is informative, fun

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