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JMT rules, ok, Laurence Jenkins

John Mansfield Thomson: Notes towards a Biography ed Margaret Clark with Jim Collinge and Martin Lodge Steele Roberts, $39.95, ISBN 1877228923 Those of us who crossed paths with John Mansfield Thomson, and there are legions, inevitably came away from any

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Live and let learn, Jim Collinge

Learning our Living: a teaching autobiography Charmaine Pountney Cape Catley, $29.95, ISBN 0908561865 For many people a teaching autobiography might not seem an exciting prospect. Charmaine Pountney, however, is no ordinary teacher. This book is an account of nearly 60

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A fitting tribute, Jim Collinge

The Roberts Report ed Margaret Clark Victoria University Press, $29.95, ISBN 0 86473 383 6 In recent months, many of us in Wellington have made a number of mournful trips to Old St Pauls for the funerals of people whose

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Beeb without the warts, Jim Collinge

To The Fullest Extent Of His Powers: C E Beeby’s Life In Education Noeline Alcorn Victoria University Press, $49.95, ISBN 0 86473 353 4 About 20 years ago I met an old doctor. On learning that I was involved in

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Jim Collinge: View from the front window

Education is Change: Twenty Viewpoints Harvey McQueen (ed.) Bridget Williams Books, $34.95 Over the past few months large numbers of Swedish bureaucrats, politicians and educators have been visiting us to observe our education system as it works through the massive

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