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Chasing the news, Emma Jolliff

News Pigs
Tim Wilson
Victoria University Press
ISBN 9780864739179

“To be a News Pig, one must be angry!” shouts Tom Milde’s cameraman, Valois Plongeur.

In fact, he’s not a News Pig; Milde’s a writer of poetry and Think Pieces with a penchant for French poets, and he’s a ring-in to cover the latest shocking gun massacre in Virginia. Milde wakes in New York with a hangover, in an empty apartment belonging to a woman he can’t remember, before getting his break to cover the biggest story in America. A foul-mouthed producer from Erewhon TV in the Plucky Little Country (somewhere near New Zealand) screams down the phone at him, and he’s warned that his network nemesis is already ahead of him in the game.

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