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The thrills of genre-literacy, David Larsen

The New Animals
Pip Adam
Victoria University Press, $30.00,
ISBN 9781776561162

Pip Adam’s second novel is bewildering. I say this as praise, though also as fair warning.

On page one we meet Carla, who has stopped on her way somewhere to buy a cup of tea. She is not enjoying the experience:

The whole of St Kevin’s Arcade was awful now … it was clean and the café down the end of the arcade served ricotta doughnuts to men in suits and she couldn’t stand it. She’d lived in Auckland for 43 years and it still wasn’t finished. Nothing stayed in place.

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Snowflake game, David Larsen

The Geometry of Desire Linda Niccol David Ling, $24.99, ISBN 1877378054 Fish’n’Chip Shop Song and Other Stories Carl Nixon Random, $27.99, ISBN 1869417615 I set out recently to teach my nine-year-old son about apostrophes. It was pleasingly straightforward. You learn

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It’s theatre, really, David Larsen

I’ve lost track of how often my ass has fallen asleep from boredom at literary festivals. I’ve lost track of how often I was supremely disappointed by a writer’s public persona. I used to be as earnest and serious and

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