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Permolat and dogbox bivs, Hannah McGregor

Tramping: A New Zealand History
Shaun Barnett and Chris Maclean
Craig Potton, $70.00,
ISBN 9781927213230

Tramping: A New Zealand History travels lightly through terrain which will feel familiar to many of its readers, the extended family of woollen-sock wearing, pack-hauling, bushwhackers. These people exist in sufficient numbers in this country to ensure this history will eventually become a collectors’ item. To obtain it, it will become necessary to tramp well into the back shelves of second-hand bookshops.

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Curiosa and curiosa, Dale Williams

The Owl That Fell from the Sky: Stories of a Museum Curator  Brian Gill Awa Press, $35.00, ISBN 9781877551130 Stag Spooner: Wild Man from the Bush  Chris Maclean  Craig Potton Publishing, $50.00,  ISBN 9781877517686 The Indescribable Beauty: Letters Home to

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With backpack and library card, Chris Maclean

Going Bush: New Zealanders and Nature in the 20th Century Kirstie Ross Auckland University Press, $39.99, ISBN 978186904246 If I have read about 50 pages and still not been drawn into an author’s world, then I usually put the book

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A truly adventurous coot, Brian Turner

John Pascoe  Chris Maclean Craig Potton Publishing in association with The Whitcombe Press, $59.95, ISBN 0473094436   When I was a runty little joker, I often heard my father’s mother, Liz, describe people as “silly buggers”. John Pascoe would have

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Through unfamiliar waters, Chris Maclean

Coasting: The Sea Lion and the Lark Neville Peat Longacre Press, $29.95, ISBN 1877135577 Two centuries ago, sealers and whalers came to New Zealand to hunt marine mammals for their oil and skins. Millions were slaughtered, most of them on

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