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New twists for old, Harry Ricketts

Parodies Regained A K Grant Hazard, $19.95, ISBN 1 877161 23 3 Literary parody, though it subverts and pokes fun at literary tradition, has evolved a richly varied anti-tradition of its own. One fairly recent strand of this, dating from

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Naughty bits, A K Grant

A Dictionary of Modern New Zealand Slang ed Harry Orsman Oxford University Press, $24.95, ISBN 0 19 558408 2 Harry Orsman achieved semi-divine status among New Zealand scholars with the publication of his highly-acclaimed Dictionary of New Zealand English. But

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The loneliness of the short distance columnist, A K Grant

5 Days in Las Vegas Raybon Kan, Daphne Brasell Associates Press, $29.95   I must confess to a personal grievance in relation to this book, a collection of pieces, mostly from the Dominion or the Listener, by the gifted young

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