Forces for good, Damian Love

And So It Is
Vincent O’Sullivan
Victoria University Press, $25.00,
ISBN 97817765650592

Fits and Starts
Andrew Johnston
Victoria University Press, $25.00,
ISBN 97817765650592

“There is”: for the last two decades these words have been the key note of Vincent O’Sullivan’s poetry. “There is this,” it says, and it shows us what this is in considerable sensuous detail, but especially it insists on the act of drawing our attention to this, this thing here. His titles make the point again and again: “As is, is”, “How things are”, “Being here”. And So It Is. He is a man pointing. At the same time, he is a fantasist, and nothing more effectively expresses the storyteller’s privilege of summoning things into being than a bald “There is”. To wed these two stances together has been his major occupation.


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