Issue 114 | Winter 2016

Issue-114Volume 26 | Number 2 | Issue 114 |  Winter 2016


Brian Easton: “Intellectual life” (comment)Issue-114

Michele A’Court: Dan Carter with Duncan Greive, Dan Carter: My Story

Janet Hughes: Sarah Jane Barnett, Work; Emma Neale, Tender Machines; John Davidson, Soundings of Hellas; Kevin Ireland, Looking Out to Sea

Adrian Kinnaird: Ant Sang, Tim Gibson, Rachel Fenton, Sean Chuang, 61Chi and Ahn Zhe, Island to Island: A Graphic Exchange Between Taiwan and New Zealand

Paula Morris: “Supporting a long-haul life of writing” (comment)

S. T.: Liz Roberts with Alison Mau, First Lady – From Boyhood to Womanhood: The Incredible Story of New Zealand’s Sex-change Pioneer; Alexandra C Gunn and Lee A Smith (eds), Sexual Cultures in Aotearoa New Zealand

Jock Phillips: Stephen Deed, Unearthly Landscapes: New Zealand’s Early Cemeteries, Churchyards and Urupā

Ian Lochhead: Linda Burgess (Robert Burgess photographer), Historic Churches: A Guide to over 60 Early New Zealand Churches; Bill McKay (Jane Ussher photographer), Worship: A History of New Zealand Church Design

Simon Hay: Cindy Williams, The Pounamu Prophecy; Barbara Petrie, The Seer’s Wolf; Helen Margaret Waaka, Waitapu 

Gyles Beckford: Alan Bollard, A Few Hares to Chase: The Life and Economics of Bill Phillips

Diane Comer: Kathleen Gallagher, Earthquakes & Butterflies

Catherine Robertson: “The Sharp end of the stick” (comment)

Fiona Roberton: “Dad” (poem)

Murray Bramwell: Owen Marshall, Love as a Stranger; Greg McGee, The Antipodeans

Owen Marshall: Damien Wilkins, Dad Art

John McCrystal: Maggie Rainey-Smith, Daughters of Messene; David Parkyn (Sally Griffith illus), Something Else

Kirsten McDougall: Louise Wareham Leonard, 52 Men

Sue Esterman: David Hill, Enemy Camp; Bernard Beckett, Lullaby; Rudy Castaneda Lopez, Open Your Eyes, Jackson Ryder

Sarah Dickson: Anna Mackenzie, Evie’s War

Rachael Imlay: Keri Hulme, The Bone People

Katie Pickles: Barbara Brookes, A History of New Zealand Women

Nicholas Reid: Claudia Pond Eyley and Dan Salmon (eds), Helen Clark: Inside Stories

Jane Westaway: Mark Derby, Petals & Bullets: Dorothy Morris, New Zealand Nurse in the Spanish Civil War

William Brandt: David Hastings, The Many Deaths of Mary Dobie: Murder, Politics and Revenge in Nineteenth-century New Zealand; Steve Braunias, The Scene of the Crime: Twelve Extraordinary True Stories of Crime and Punishment

Stella Ramage: Peter Alsop and Warren Feeney, Marcus King: Painting New Zealand for the World; Don Abbott, Vivid: The Paul Hartigan Story

Chris Price: The Book of Churl (poem)

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