Issue 109 | Autumn 2015


Volume 25 | Number 1 |  Issue 109 | Autumn 2015


Colin Peacock: Nicky Hager, Dirty Politics: How Attack Politics is Poisoning New Zealand’s Political Environment; Michael Field, The Catch: How Fishing Companies Reinvented Slavery and Plunder the Oceans

Emma Martin: Laurence Fearnley, Reach

Pip Adam: Janet Colson, The Shark Party; Kate Carty, Run Thomas Run; Jackie Ballantyne, The Silver Gaucho

Elizabeth Heritage: Thom Conroy, The Naturalist; Maxine Alterio, Lives We Leave Behind; Tracy Farr, The Life and Loves of Lena Gaunt

Lydia Wevers: “Showing you wonders” (byline)

John O’Leary: Helen Riddiford, A Blighted Fame: George S Evans 1802-1868, A Life; Barbara Mabbett, For Gallant Service Rendered

Tom Brooking: John Thomson, Frank Worsley: Shackleton’s Fearless Captain; Edward Duyker, Dumont d’Urville: Explorer and Polymath

Airini Beautrais: Emily Dobson, The Lonely Nude; Helen Rickerby, Cinema; Hinemoana Baker, Waha/Mouth

Murray Bramwell: Siobhan Harvey, James Norcliffe and Harry Ricketts (eds), Essential New Zealand Poems: Facing the Empty Page

Nicholas Butler: Jack Elworthy, Greece Crete Stalag Dachau: A New Zealand Soldier’s Encounters with Hitler’s Army; Jeffrey Paparoa Holman, The Lost Pilot: A Memoir

David Hill: Stephanie de Montalk, How Does it Hurt?; Elspeth Sandys, What Lies Beneath: A Memoir; Helena Wiśniewska Brow, Give Us this Day: A Memoir of Family and Exile

Jan FitzGerald: “The joy gatherers” (poem)

Tina Shaw: Mandy Hager, Singing Home the Whale; David Hair, Magic and Makutu

Angelina Sbroma: David Hill, The Deadly Sky; Jill Harris, The Red Suitcase; Rachael Craw, Spark

Roger Robinson: Elizabeth Hale (ed), Maurice Gee: A Literary Companion: Fiction for Young Readers

Brian Easton: Shamubeel Eaqub, Growing Apart: Regional Prosperity in New Zealand; Neal Wallace, When the Farm Gates Opened: The Impact of Rogernomics on Rural New Zealand

Ian Lochhead: Julia Gatley and Paul Walker, Vertical Living: The Architectural Centre and the Remaking of Wellington

Vanda Symon: Paul Thomas, Fallout; Liam McIlvanney, Where the Dead Men Go

Margie Michael: Tina Shaw, The Children’s Pond; Vanda Symon, The Faceless; Fleur Beale, I am Rebecca

John Newton: Tessa Laird, A Rainbow Reader

Jock Phillips: “Page vs screen” (comment)

Louise O’Brien: Shonagh Koea, Landscape with Solitary Figure

Siobhan Harvey “Cloudboy Sees the Sky Break” (poem)

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